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A (very) British way of life

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Episode 10 of the third series was broadcast on 13 January 1953. It was titled ‘The British Way of Life’. The Radio Times has details on page 18. This was Graham Stark’s first appearance on the show, deputising for Spike Milligan.

That’s about it for this episode though – once again there is no recording or script available that I am aware of. With the exception of this excerpt, courtesy of Larry Stephens:

It did get me contemplating what best encapsulates ‘The British Way of Life’. In recent years we have become a sadly bitter and divided population, with cripplingly dysfunctional politics and a diminishing role on the world stage.

But then I remembered one thing that always makes me proud to be British, and that is the Very British Problems Twitter account.

Here's a Goon Show excerpt that would fit very well with Very British Problems.

Greenslade: By dawn the Germans had been routed. Victory was ours, and the English army went mad with joy. [FX: Teacups rattling, tea dance music] Secombe: They say it's been in all the papers, you know. Sellers: We've had awfully nice weather for it. Secombe: We did, yes. Another fairy cake? There's more there. Sellers: Just love one. [FX: Doors open, music stops] Bloodnok (Sellers): Stop this orgy, do you hear!

(from ‘I Was Monty’s Treble’, Series 9 Episode 2, broadcast 10 November 1958)

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