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Christmas 1953

The Christmas period of 1953 was a busy one for the Goons and their associates, as a thumb through the Radio Times listings will show.

Peter Sellers and Kenneth Connor join the cast of Ray’s A Laugh on Christmas Eve at 8:30pm on the Home Service, while Harry Secombe is Educating Archie at 7:30pm on the Light Programme.

On Christmas Day at 5pm on the Light, Goon Show producer Dennis Main Wilson has devised The Santa Claus Show, which seems appropriate. Ray Galton and Alan Simpson have provided the script and Graham Stark is among the cast, alongside… who’s this? Eustace Bluebottle?

Merry Christmas and custard to you all. Are you all getting nice things in your stockings? I'm getting legs in mine.

(Bluebottle spots the audience in ‘A Christmas Carol’, Series 10 Episode 1, broadcast 24 December 1959)

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