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For those of you listening in 1957, here is a sneak peek at tomorrow’s Radio Times front cover:

A better quality version is available on the BBC's Genome site. The text reads:

Eccles, Neddie Seagoon, and Major Bloodnok put their heads together to make the only three-headed Goon in the business. Meet them again on Monday (Home) and Thursday (Light).

Turn to pages 4 and 5 for the magazine’s regular broadcasting gossip column, ‘Round and About’, to spot further Goonery. Dick Emery is lurking around there, too.

We went deep into the heart of Goon-land the other day to tell the three main characters that they were in danger of appearing on the cover of this week’s issue. ‘Then we must remain anonymous,’ said one, who was bearded, but whose request we hereby honour, ‘and if your reader can identify us, we may make an award of a leather guinea.’ Having made contact with the Goons, however, we found it difficult to get them out of our hair, or keep them out of our pages. But we are assured by our psychiatrist, whom we have inevitably had to consult, that there is no need for alarm. ‘It’s all in the mind,’ he says, with a fiendish laugh. ‘All in the mind.’

(‘Goon Law’, from ‘Round and About’, Radio Times issue 1776, published 22 November 1957)

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