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Eccles the Poodle

There are many curious things I've stumbled upon during my research for this blog, but this probably tops them all.

It's true. In an article on page 11 of the Leicester Evening Mail of 10 March 1960 - a couple of months after the broadcast of 'The Last Smoking Seagoon', the last episode of series 10 - in an interview, there is a passing reference to Morley's poodle, Eccles.

She goes on to give an insight into what appears to be a pretty good life as one of the country's leading musical directors.

[This week] I wrote the music for Hancock's Half-Hour and recorded it on Wednesday. Had a session with Ronnie Carroll on Friday. Two numbers. Saturday night I composed, for fun. That was my week. I don't believe in knocking myself out with work. I want to enjoy life. If somebody asks me to write a show I pretend I'm busy. Who wants to earn double if you [already] live comfortably? It only goes in tax.

(From 'In the Groove...' column, Leicester Evening Mail, 10 March 1960)

Hello dere. How's your old dad?

Poodle image by Tim Wilson, sourced from Wikipedia.

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