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Going out with a mountain?

Some Goon music today. October 1961 saw the release of Milligan Preserved, a collection of songs and sketches that included a version of the multi-tracked Eccleses singing ‘Good King Wenceslas’ and ‘I’m Walking Out With A Mountain’, an expanded version of a song first sung by Minnie Bannister in ‘The White Neddie Trade’ (Series 8 Episode 19).

I’m going out with a mountain But it’s not in love with me I’m going out with a mountain But I’m only four foot three I saw it this morning And I saw it tonight I see it every morning and it appears to be alright I’m going to stop going out with mountain I’m going out with a hill instead

(Minnie Bannister performs for the cabaret in ‘The White Neddie Trade’, Series 8 Episode 19, broadcast 3 February 1958)

The CD is still available from certain rainforest-related websites, or you can hear it on Spotify if you’re not wedded to material goods.

A handsome fellow.

Episode 28 of the seemingly interminable fourth series of the Goon Show was broadcast on 5 April 1954. Titled ‘The Invisible Acrobat’, it can be discovered tucked away on page 18 of the Radio Times.

Unfortunately, no recording exists and it was not preserved through the Vintage Goons series so we have no idea whether said invisible acrobat was related to the silent bugler.

Image by RayMark from Pixabay.

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