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Happy birthday… Major Bloodnok?

Yes, today is the major’s birthday.

Seagoon: Right. No mistakes this time. Put this bomb under it. Bloodnok: But they’ll hear it! Seagoon: Not this one, it won’t go off until the 23rd of November. Bloodnok: The 23rd of November? That’s my birthday! [FX: BANG!] Seagoon/Eccles: (singing) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

(from ‘The Silent Bugler’, Vintage Goons episode 10)

Maybe we should club together and get him this motorbike:

Built by Australian motorcycle manufacturer Deus Ex Machina, this is genuinely called the Major Bloodnok.

I dread to think what its exhaust sounds like.

There's a blog about the bike on Deus's website.

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