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Spriggs: Fear not, little Jim! I will write you a new character who will assist you: [typing] 'The door opened, and a virile figure leapt into the centre of the room.' Bluebottle: Hello, captain! Springes into center of room, springe! Spriggs: Stay a moment, steaming lad. Did I write you in? Bluebottle: Yes! Spriggs: It's no good. I shall have to go to the country for a long rest.

(from 'Six Charlies in Search of an Author', Series 7 Episode 13, broadcast 26 December 1956)

I'm in need of a break, and so turning off the blog for a few days. It will return on 1 August. In the meantime, here are a few of my personal favourite posts from the past two months or so.

A Goon cartoon by Roger Langridge

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