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I don't wish to know that!

We’ve just finished the fourth series and will soon embark on the fifth. As there are recordings for almost every episode from here on, the blogs will be a bit longer and (hopefully) more interesting.

For now, though, I’m going to allow myself some nerd time and crunch some numbers.

Spike expresses shock at the amount of time I have on my hands
  • 10 series

  • 224 regular episodes

  • 14 Vintage Goons episodes

  • 10 ‘Specials’, including sections in other shows*

  • 249 total unique recordings**

  • 2 – series of The Telegoons

  • 26 – Telegoons episodes

  • 6 – writers (Milligan, Stephens, Sykes, Wiltshire, Antrobus, Grafton)

  • 10 producers

  • 12 guests (outside of the regular cast)

  • 3,167 days in between the broadcast of episode one, series one, and the final episode of the 10th series

  • 4,634 days in between the broadcast of ‘The Last Smoking Seagoon’ and ‘The Last Goon Show of All’ – known as The Dark Times

  • 150 posts on The Seagoon Memoirs blog

I’ll stop now.

* This is an estimate from my research, and could be wrong. It’s based only on the programmes billed as Goon Show specials or featuring all three (or four, including Bentine) protagonists billed as the Goons.

** Right. There are a few different figures banded around for this. Mine includes all regular series episodes, plus specials. It also includes Vintage Goons and ‘The Last Goon Show of All’.

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