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'Lo, he cometh to us!'

On this day in 1979, Monty Python's cult film Life of Brian premiered in the UK.

There was a huge amount of ridiculous controversy about the film, primarily from people who hadn't seen it claiming it was making a mockery of Jesus and Christianity. In fact, it was mocking every religion and humanity as a whole, and was bloody funny to boot.

Speaking of footwear, Spike Milligan - a huge influence on the Pythons - has a small but famous cameo early on in the film as several cults start to form around Graham Chapman's lead character.

According to no less a source than Wikipedia (citing a Channel 4 documentary about the film), Spike was visiting World War Two battlefields in Tunisia near where the film was taking place. Upon learning this, the Pythons accosted him and persuaded him to film this scene. His presence was obviously A SIGN! A SIGN!

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