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Musical interlude - part 1

Owing to work commitments, our run-through of Series 5 is taking a short break.

Instead, I am tasking DJ Bluebottle with my collection of non-explodable records.

[FX: Explosion] Bluebottle: You rotten swine! You have deaded me again!

Up first, 'Bloodnok's Rock 'n' Roll Call' from 1956. Note that Harry Secombe does not sing, owing to a pre-existing record agreement that clashed with many Goon recording sessions.

Check out the lyrics courtesy of The Goon Show Site, from which I get all my transcripts.

Next up: 'Bluebottle Blues', the B-side to 'I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas'. Lyrics here.

Join us again tomorrow when DJ Eccles will be playing cribbage.

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