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Recommended viewing, part… err… 4?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve done already.

Here are a few short clips featuring various Goons for your entertainment. First up, a rare glimpse of Spike Milligan advertising fudge. Kind of.

Next, Ned of Wales delights the Royal Variety Performance in 1978 with his “extensive repertoire of two”. ‘Nessun Dorma’ is magnificent.

From the 1960s, Michael Bentine introduces and features in some wonderful black and white slapstick from his It’s a Square World TV series. Look out for Clive Dunne of Dad’s Army fame.

Here’s Peter Sellers in an NBC interview from 1980, not long before he died. Unfortunately, he can barely get a word in among the peppering of questions emanating from the bizarre hairdo that is interviewing him.

Ray Ellington reveals his Irish roots: “It must have been a Doyle who dug the River Noile ‘cos no one but an Irishman would fight a crocodoile!” I don't know where this was first broadcast - if anyone can shed light on its origins please drop me a line.

Female voice (Sellers): Hello, mothers, housewives. Good news. Did you know that Ray Ellington is now on sale in the shops? At three and four a pound, he is really wonderful value. Better than those silly old two and four-penny husbands. And remember, Ray Ellington lasts the whole drink through. Get Ray Ellington today. Oooh!

(from 'The Mountain Eaters', Series 9 Episode 5, broadcast 1 December 1958)

To round out the group, we have Max Geldray’s performance of ‘Paper Moon’ from ‘The Great Statue Debate’ (Series 8 Episode 26). I really like the harmony duet he does with the clarinet at the start. It’s a shame there aren’t any videos of Max, certainly not that I can find. If you know of any, get in touch!

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