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This is where the story really starts…

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Milligan (German): You have a plan? Sellers (German): Ja. I have a plan of the plin hof of the plons of the plan. Milligan: But have you the ploons of the plins of the plons of the plons? Sellers: Curse! I forgot those!

(from ‘I Was Monty’s Treble’, Series 9 Episode 2, broadcast 10 November 1958)

Deciding to write a blog a day about The Goon Show is a bold choice. There is certainly enough material available, as previously discussed. We a need a structure and a plan of the plin of the plon, as the above excerpt shows. So here it is.

I plan/plin/plon/ploon to write a blog for every show, from the debut broadcast in 1951 to ‘The Last Smoking Seagoon’ from January 1960. I’ve also incorporated ‘The Last Goon Show Of All’ (broadcast in October 1972), the Telegoons, and various film and TV appearances from the main protagonists.

I’ve researched the cast, producers, co-writers and guest stars, and will be profiling each of them as we go through. None of the profiles will be exhaustive, but hopefully not exhausting either.

You’ll also find links to transcripts and existing recordings where possible. Once we get to the fourth and fifth series where there are more recordings available, I’ll be delving into some of the references and gags to dig out the background stories that influenced Milligan and the rest of the Goons. I’ve also pieced together stories from newspaper archives – while I won’t claim to be the first to have done this, I’m quite chuffed with my research in these instances.

Any readers with any anecdotes, stories, links or other material they want to share, please feel free to email me.

Bloodnok: And now, gentlemen, comes my proudest moment. I shall open the box and show you the result of three years of research and hardship in the frozen Himalayas. The first of its species ever to be brought back alive. The Abominable Snowman. [FX: Box being opened] Bloodnok: And here, ladies and gentlemen, we have the... Ooh... Ooh... Secombe: What is it, major? Bloodnok: The Abominable Snowman... He’s melted!

(from Series 2 Episode 1, broadcast 22 January 1952)


Episode five of the first series was broadcast on the Home Service at 7:45pm on 25 June 1951. The Radio Times listing – with a typically Goonish publicity shot – is here.

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