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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

A few more visual gems for your perusal. First up is a short clip (the only one I can find) from Michael Bentine's 1950s TV puppet show, The Bumblies. Bentine created these puppets himself, and they're rather good. Note the one that sounds like Eccles...

To Neddie - sorry - Harry Secombe now. Fast forward to 1972 and you'll find him in this amusing-looking film, Sunstruck.

Showing complete disregard for the linear nature of time, I'm hopping back to 1953 now for an extract from Forces Sweetheart, featuring Harry Secombe and Graham Stark (among many others).

Finally, Goon Show afficionados may well be familiar with the cast mumbling "rhubarb, rhubarb" when trying to impersonate a crowd of people. In true Goon style, in 1980 Eric Sykes took this to its (il)logical conclusion with a short film, Rhubarb Rhubarb, in which the only dialogue is, well, "rhubarb". It's a super demonstration of (essentially) silent comedy.

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