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Centenarian Seagoon

Updated: May 24, 2022

Yesterday's post was the 100th blog published to The Seagoon Memoirs. I don't really know whether to be proud or to worry for my own sanity. In any case, I've got a neat century-related observation.

While listening to the Goon Show episode ‘Drums Along The Mersey’ (Series 7 Episode 2), I realised that we have solved a 65-year-old conundrum for one Neddie Seagoon.

Left £1 million in his uncle’s will, Seagoon is aghast to learn that he can’t spend it until he’s 100 years old. He then sets about trying to prove he’s Peruvian in the belief that the Peruvian calendar will show him to have reached 100 already.

When asked “where” he was born, Seagoon replies: “1921.”

“That’s a nice place to be born,” he is told by Minnie Bannister.

Well, congratulations Mr Seagoon, as you are finally able to spend your million. If only your uncle, played by Valentine Dyall, hadn’t double-crossed you by not being dead after all.

Baron Seagoon (Dyall): I want that million pounds and I want it fast. I'm going to sing the whole of act three from Tosca, and if you haven't handed it over by then, I shall sing act four! Seagoon: But there isn't any act four in Tosca. Baron Seagoon: Then you've less time than you think.

(from ‘Drums Along The Mersey’, Series 7 Episode 2, broadcast 11 October 1956)

Not quite £1 million

Here is Goon Pod's tribute to Sir Harry, with podmeister Tyler Adams talking to comedy writer Mike Haskins.

Photo by Alaur Rahman from Pexels

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